Immunize your Child... Smartly!


What is Problem with current immunization tracking?

  • Due to busy schedules, Parents/Guardians tend to forget the scheduled dates of immunization
  • Tracking vaccines manually causes confusion and ambiguity on what vaccines are administered and what is left
  • Un-organized data and last minute rush to any available medical practitioner in order to avoid missing the vaccines/shots
  • Loss of Immunization data, mainly due to wear & tear of physical documents


What is Immunator ?

Immunator is a smartphone based application primarily designed for tracking immunization records of kids. It also has value added services like finding a registered doctor at a given location. Additionally we have included general health tips and tracking growth parameters of children until age of 18 months.

Immunator team believes that taking utmost care of these vital stages of any child's life would result in a healthy and strong individual for better world tomorrow.


Why Immunator?

  • Data availability on your hands, 365x24x7
  • Platform to enter and maintain immunization records on-line
  • Simple and easy to use application, available on Mobile and PC
  • Built on cutting edge technologies to support future needs
  • Secured Data accessible only to registered user ID and password.


How does it work ?

  • User (typically a Parent) registers with Immunator with some basic details and obtains user ID/password.
  • Parent Adds the children for whom the immunization needs to be tracked
  • Based on Child's Date of Birth Immunator calculates the vaccination dates
  • An Immunization schedule is automatically created for the child
  • Parents get reminded via SMS/Push notifications and emails about the due dates
  • Parent updates the vaccination date once administered

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